Are you looking for a way to upgrade your Youngstown area home this summer? Do you want to make your home more stylish and energy efficient before fall and winter arrive? If so, we have great news! There are a few home upgrades that you can make to hit each of these items off of your wishlist. However, re-siding your home is a smart move for your curb appeal and bank account. Vinyl siding in Youngtown, OH brings homeowners peace of mind and outstanding beauty that lasts for decades!

We might be smack dab in the middle of summer, but there is still plenty of time to re-side your home and transform it from the ground up. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a vinyl siding upgrade this season:

Undeniable Style

What if we told you that your home can look beautiful year-round? There is no denying the power and beauty of exceptional vinyl siding in Youngstown. If you haven’t thought about how siding can transform your home, consider the following:

  • Vinyl siding comes in an array of colors to complement your curb appeal
  • Vinyl scallops enhance areas of your home such as window gables, window boxes, and eaves. They give a sense of nostalgia even with new construction homes, since they are inspired by the Victorian era.
  • Bright colors on your new siding can last around 20 years—as long as you make the right investment with a quality product!

A Better Value for Your Home

If you want to make a true investment for your home, not all home upgrades are created equal. For example, according to Cost vs. Value 2023 an upscale bathroom remodel will only yield about 53% return on investment. This is considerably less than re-siding your home, which equates to an 84.8% return on investment.

If you want more for your money and a more beautiful home to boot, which upgrade would you choose?

Increased Protection Through Every Season

It’s no secret that there are many aesthetic benefits when you decide to re-side your home. But don’t forget that vinyl siding is actually a protective armor for your home. New siding can help shield your home from seasonal storms of all varieties. Not to mention, heavy winds and moisture damage from downpours won’t stand a chance.

How to Choose the Right Vinyl Siding in Youngstown, Ohio: Consider Craneboard® Solid Core Siding®

If you are thinking of re-siding your home this summer, you might wonder what siding is best for our climate here in Youngstown. When it comes to choosing the best vinyl siding for your home here in Northeastern Ohio or Western Pennsylvania, one product stands out: CraneBoard® Solid Core Siding®. This fantastic siding option allows you to replicate the look and charm of popular wood profiles, all while offering an authentic wood grain texture.

The benefits of Craneboard extend beyond aesthetics. This siding option offers substantial energy savings, adding value to your investment. If you’re wondering how to choose the right siding for your home, here are some considerations to keep in mind.

Choose Siding with Design Flexibility

Are you looking to create a clean, contemporary look for your home? Or perhaps you want to accentuate the elegance of your traditional home style? With CraneBoard® Solid Core Siding®, you have the design flexibility you need. Its broad color palette, ranging from traditional to the expressive Smart Styles™ options, caters to a variety of tastes.

Year-Round Weather Protection with Vinyl Siding in Youngstown

Going beyond beauty, CraneBoard® Solid Core Siding® protects your home from weather-induced wear and tear, as well as moisture and noise.

Available in horizontal lap and board & batten profiles, it provides more exterior design options to help you achieve your desired look. Meanwhile, its exclusive Solid Core® insulation Smart Track™ system uses moisture management ridges to improve water evacuation, which protects your home from potential water damage.

Durable and Low Maintenance

When you want a low maintenance siding that withstands the impact, CraneBored® is ideal for Youngstown homes. This cladding is exceptionally termite-resistant, and won’t warp, buckle, or sag.

Best of all, CraneBoard® Solid Core Siding® requires virtually no maintenance, eliminating the need for painting or scraping.

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