Can you believe that we are approaching the end of summer already? While many of us are soaking up the last warm and beautiful days, we also need to turn our attention to our homes. Making the necessary exterior home upgrades to your home now can save you from a lot of headaches this autumn and winter. Here’s what you need to consider.

#1: Check Your Windows for Drafts

While drafty windows aren’t really associated with summer, they will certainly start causing problems in the fall and winter. Now is the time to determine if you have drafts in your windows. This can help make your home feel more comfortable once cold weather heads here in the Youngstown area.

Drafty windows are one of the most known telltale signs that window replacement is needed sooner than later. Not only is it allowing cold air into your home but it’s also allowing heat to escape. Drafty windows are truly a double-edged sword!

The worst part is that sometimes drafts go undetected. While no window is 100% airtight, you don’t want to feel a lot of air if you place your hand near the frame. Other areas where drafts can occur are the sash and where the sash meets the sill. Keep in mind that only a solid wall can block 100% airflow into your home.

If you discover drafts, the reason might be because the weatherstripping is worn out. Another culprit is improper installation. There is a possibility that the frame may have shifted over many years and it’s now allowing drafts to come inside.

 #2: Tend to Damaged Siding

Did your house siding get damaged over the summer? Damage can occur from all sorts of sources. It can come from a hit during a backyard baseball game or you noticed water damage after a storm. No matter what the type of damage, now is the time to move forward with exterior home upgrades.

New vinyl siding replacement will protect your home throughout the upcoming seasons. We all know that autumn is wet and cold, which can result in even more water damage on your house siding. Keep your home properly protected through the seasons with new vinyl siding.

#3: Make Sure Your Entry Doors Seal Properly

Is your entry door properly opening and closing? As fall and winter approach, ensuring that your entry doors seal properly is paramount for several reasons. For example, a proper seal aids in energy efficiency by preventing the cold outside air from entering your home and the warm inside air from escaping. This not only keeps your living space comfortably warm but also reduces the strain on your heating system and cuts down on energy bills.

Meanwhile, gaps in the door seal can allow moisture to seep in, potentially leading to mold growth, wood rot, or damage to flooring and furnishings.

Prepare Your Home for Cold Weather with Exterior Home Upgrades from Window Depot Penn-Ohio

Whether it’s replacement windows, entry doors, or vinyl siding, Window Depot Penn-Ohio is here to help you with your exterior home upgrades. We can help your home become more energy efficient, leading to potentially lower energy bills and a comfortable home. Please reach out to us today for a free estimate!