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Warren homeowners can confidently improve home performance and appearance with new replacement windows. In fact, replacement windows in Warren, OH are one of the top ways to boost curb appeal and even increase home value. Window Depot Penn-Ohio proudly serves the community of Warren with energy efficient windows, making your home feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Are you interested in window replacement? Below, we’ll discuss some of the most frequently asked questions from local homeowners just like you.

What are the Style Options for Replacement Windows in Warren, OH?

When you opt for window replacement, you open a world of possibilities in terms of new and exciting looks for your curb appeal. One of the easiest and most recommended options is to choose window styles that complement your home’s architecture. Your old existing windows provide clues. You can get a dramatic upgrade from simply swapping a 20-year-old double hung window for a new one.

However, the option exists to upgrade with an entirely new style from the original window. For example, you can likely fit a casement window inside an existing frame of a double hung. You can also switch out a picture window for a bay or bow window.

Decorative Features

Once you choose your window style, the creativity doesn’t stop there. It’s surprising how small details such as decorative glass can quickly change the look of your home. The same goes for custom grid systems. Best of all, it gives an aesthetic impact from both the inside and outside of the home! 


In terms of exterior, you might choose to install shutters with your new windows. The size and group of a window determine the height and width of your shutters. The width of shutters used in pairs on windows should be half the width of the window. However, the shutters should be the same height as the window.

Don’t forget there are many shutter styles to choose from. Solid and paneled shutters were historically used to protect homes from cold and ice. These work well with Warren homes, but don’t be afraid to explore other styles such as French Country.

How Much do Replacement Windows Cost?

You know you need new replacement windows. Your energy bills are rising and you can’t keep your home cool despite your AC running on full blast. However, you’re reluctant to upgrade your windows due to the price. Can you really afford new windows?

The good news is that you can find windows to fit your budget, especially if you shop around. While homeowners need to beware of window prices that are too good to be true, there are ways to budget for new windows so you aren’t in sticker shock in the end.

What is the Best Material for Replacement Windows?

If cost is a concern for your new windows, you’ll need to pay attention to the frame of the materials. Two of the most popular options for window frames today are vinyl and wood.

Vinyl frames are by far the most affordable window material option available today. This is one of the reasons why so many homeowners choose vinyl. Consider this material if you’re looking to get the best value out of your new window upgrade, which offers roughly a 74% return on investment.

Wood windows add warmth and beauty to the home, but they are quite expensive. A wood window can cost 20% more than a vinyl window—if not more.

What Makes Replacement Windows so Energy Efficient?

Energy saving features are perhaps one of the biggest indicators of both price and performance. Argon and krypton are gas fills that help the window save energy. Argon is the least dense of the two gases, and it’s also the least expensive. Krypton is more expensive but it is also highly energy efficient.

Dual and triple pane glass will also impact the price of your window. Dual pane is the standard option, and triple pane costs roughly 15% more than dual.

Get Window Installation in Warren from Window-Depot Penn Ohio

As the first town in the US to have electric street illumination, Warren is packed full of history. Historic homes and buildings bring plenty of character to the downtown area as well as the suburbs. Getting replacement windows in Warren, Ohio, will boost your curb appeal, increase property value and help you save energy. Contact Window Depot Penn-Ohio today for a free estimate.